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24 year age gap: I'm soon to be 22 he's soon to be 46- last post got cut off*


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Today 11:29 PM

24 year age gap: I'm soon to be 22 he's soon to be 46

Myself ( id like to maintain some sort of anonymity while writing this out, so I'll just name myself Beyoncé.) I started dating my boyfriend 5 years ago this march. I guess we have a long history but the basics are: my family dosnt agree with it- they're slowly coming to terms with it. He lives 5 hours away from my home town - which I ended up leaving to be with him. He has two children and he's divorced . I guess I'm throwing this out there more to see if anyone else is an a similar situation or an age gap in general . I'm interested in hearing what people have to say or share .

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I was in a LTR in my late teens/early twenties with a guy who was almost 40 years my senior. He was in his 50s. We met on an online dating site. He had adult step kids who lived far away with their own families and had been divorced for a very long time. It was a good relationship; I still cherish those fond memories. We broke up over an issue that had nothing to do with the age difference.


Do you two live together? My real concern for you is the children he has - are you ready to be a step parent?


I think your parents may come around, eventually. Just give them time. If you feel that they are disparaging you and being disrespectful, use the distance as a way to assert boundaries. You can always say "I do not appreciate being talked to in this way. This issue is not up for discussion. When you would like to talk to me about something else, please call me back" and hang up. If you make your contact with them contingent on their ability to be respectful, I'm guessing they will get in line fast because they love you and don't want you to cut them off.

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