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Drunk dial from the dumper ex- why?


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My ex drunk dialed me last night at 1:40am. I did not pick up, as I was sleeping, but best I didn't. I'm not planning to call her back but do want to understand why she did? She posted on her facebook " I want to be love".


This was the first time she contacted me after ending the relationship 3 month ago. I always was the one who initiated the conversation, until the last time we spoke 13 days ago. That day she told me she was back with baby daddy ( second time we ended the relationship and second time she get back with him) I told her It was the last time I would contact her and I kept my word. Now she's drunk dialing me? Why she's doing this?


In other time I would have message her asking why she did it but this time I'm not initiating contact.

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Are you still hoping she'll come back?


I notice you posted this in the "Getting Back Together" forum.


No, I posted here by mistake. If a moderator see this medsage please move it to healing.


Update; she told our mutual friend "oh my God what did I do by calling her. (Like embarrassed/guilty). Our friend told her that she did it because she wanted to do it but had the guts to do it drunk not sober. She said No, that she did it bc she wanted to bother same as she called my friend. (But my friend said shes using this to cover her a...) Than she told my friend that " I didnt pick up because Im losing weight I'm taking pride and that she wouldn't never call me if shes sober.


Like seriously who she think she is!

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