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You're going to have to start practicing in communicating with people who you are not interested in. At the grocery store, tell a woman you like her blouse. Ask the cashier how his day is going. Everything is scary before you try it. With practice, you will get more comfortable. Get to a point where you can say, "Hi, I'm xxx. I go to xxx school. Where do you go?" Or, "I'm xxx. I saw you played a great game. Who taught you?"


Any normal conversation that you'd have with a friend is good. A person is always happy to have another pay positive attention to them. And then you read the feedback and see if they reciprocate. It's best to take a risk and fail to never have tried at all. If it works out great. If it doesn't, it's not meant to be. I've always been shy too, and I've let things go I wish I hadn't and also have taken risks that didn't pan out. So what. I did risk often enough and eventually was rewarded for it.

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