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And perhaps in the meantime, ask what you can do to assure your pay increase. And then do this, keep good notes and bring these into the spring meeting.
Your first response was gospel. Not sure I'd be swinging this, though. Indirectly suggests you'd otherwise be half-assing it. It's fine to ask your super to direct you to any extra training or education that could allow you to take on more responsibilities and hence merit a raise, but I wouldn't directly inquire on what you have to do to get paid more.


If you've been told May, then wait until May. Bear in mind any year without a raise is effectively a pay decrease due to inflation. Where I wholeheartedly agree with Dahl is if you're going to be asking for more than, say, ~2% that simply accounts for inflation and overall cost of living increases, you'd best be fully prepared to defend it beyond feelings.

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