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How do I get over my ex-gf when I pushed her away?


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Hi guys, I was with my gf for over 3 years before she cheated on me. After it happened we got back together for another month, at first she was positive about us but then she decided to end things.


I thought we were happy before it happened but I really can see how I wasn't doing enough to keep her happy. She did tell me she felt distant but I never put in more effort. I think the guilt, and me overcompensating with effort after it happened made her realise that she just couldn't stay with me.


So I feel a lot of guilt and can't help but think that it's my fault it's all happened. At first I was okay but as time went on after the break up I basically begged her to give it another go and told her I could forgive her for everything.


Unfortunatly I've had a lot of graduate work due over the xmas holidays (the same time of this break up) and it's resulted in the quality of my work falling drastically.


She was never the type of girl who would cheat, and we had so many good times. I still adore her and I really feel like I led her into cheating by not making her feel loved and subsequently made her want to leave me.


3 months after she cheated, and 2 months after she broke up with me, I feel so hopeless and every other area of my life, work, studying, social, are suffering.

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