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Can't seem to let go


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I have another post about this from the other week before I met up with my now ex and there is some background info on there also.


Just to recap my girlfriend who i was with for 5 months split up with me out of the blue. There was times when she was a little distant throughout the relationship and we spoke about this and she said she gets bad anxiety sometimes and it's nothing to do with me. Otherwise we had an amazing relationship.


We've been split for 4 weeks and we've met up twice since and been texting still and she finally admitted she is not over what her ex did to her, they were really serious, planning a family etc and he basically repeatedly cheated on her and was planning to start a family witg someone else behind her back and I think this went on for months until she sent him packing. She got with me 3 months after this.


So now after a good relationship with me and her she split up with me and said the reason is because she is totally not over what he did to her and it's starting to get serious with us and she isn't ready for it etc. She has told me she has started therapy and she can't be anything more than friends at the moment as all she can focus on is getting her head straight. She has also said she can't expect me to hang around forever either.


I just can't seem to move on or forget about her at all it's been 4 weeks now and still can't accept it, to me there is still something there and she said she is glad I'm still in her life. Just hurts because I obviously want her romantically but then when I've tried to go NC I've lasted like 7 days before I text. Now we're supposed to be meeting up next week? It would be awesome to see her as I really miss her but as I say part of me says don't go? I know what everyone will probably say but I find it hard to believe this girl has ended it abruptly and then turned her feelings off. The week before we were looking at holidays together it just doesn't make sense the quick change of heart.

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