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Canceled date 24 hours ahead, said shes not going anywhere. Is she playing me?


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Been talking to girl from POF for about a week+


Had date scheduled for tomorrow night but today 24+ hours before date said shell need to take a rain check due to it being her friends birthday and asked if I'm free this upcoming Saturday.


I said I'm not sure as of yet but ill keep her posted if I am, and I said Sunday I'm free and would work better


She said " If this weekend doesnt work then no worries. We've got plenty of time. I'm not going anywhere


I replied with some cute stuff and said " good cuz im sure im worth the wait! lets shoot for Saturday if not Sunday " her respone was "Okay


Is she actually legit or just curving me? Seems legit and interested.

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Seems reasonable to me.


She gave you a courteous amount of notice - she didn't just flake out and cancel, but rather suggested rescheduling and then followed through with this, she expressed her interest in you and getting together and she sounds equally warm and playful to you in your recent text exchanges.


I think that you are right and this is still promising. I wish you luck.


And I dig your user name. Cheers!

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