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Need some advice about a new job opportunity please

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So I started the job I'm in November of last year. It's a small, family owned company and it seemed like exactly what I was looking for but I am experiencing things that are causing me to have second thoughts.


I am pretty tolerant, but I also have issues with honesty and fairness and it bothers me a lot that I have to witness the crap that is taking place. For one thing, the Office Manager is dating one of the salesmen, and she favors him when it comes to jobs. He gets the best accounts and if I even try to give it to someone else (because it's their turn, their territory, or if the client requests that it not be her boyfriend), she takes it away and gives it to him. The Zoo called the other day and requested that a salesman look at the Sea Lion Exhibit. The Director specifically said to me "Please don't send that salesman that came last time, he was drunk and sloppy and inattentive. Send someone else. " So I made the appointment with a different guy and when she saw the calendar she flipped out and took it away, gave it back to her boyfriend and would not hear me when I tried to explain that the zoo wanted someone else and why. She covers for him when he screws up, which is a lot, and informed me that I better fall in line with doing the same thing because he's complaining to her that I don't help him enough.


Guess what? I am not going to babysit a man in his 50's who comes in hungover, in last night's clothes, smelling, who loses his paperwork constantly, can't figure out his phone and whines when he doesn't get his way. Nope, not doing it. I'm not married to the guy and if I was, I still wouldn't do it. Then, the owner came to me and said "Don't help him. I know the manager asked you to and I'm telling you not to." Ok.


So of course she rips into me when I refuse to do something for him, and when I told her I had been directed not to by the owner, she tells me that the owner is going into semi retirement soon, he's confused, he doesn't know what it takes to run this office and I better never speak to him again about what goes on around here.


I am stuck in the middle. It's a toxic work environment, lots of gossiping, backstabbing, fake women coworkers all out to cause drama. Apparently everyone here except me drinks heavily, the hangovers are rampant and I have to tiptoe around because of that.


I have been halfheartedly searching the job sites and applying and last week I went on an interview. They called and offered it to me. More money, better hours, much closer to home. It's an all guy office, so less female drama.


But they want me to start right away and I am nervous about that. I hate to leave somewhere with less than a week's notice. It's Mardi Gras time here in New Orleans and things are in upheaval anyway, no place is really busy except the restaurants, bars and hotels, none of which we do business with. We were supposed to have the day before Mardi Gras off as well as Fat Tuesday but last week the owner announced he is making us work even though all we will be doing is sitting around staring at each other. It's a real crap thing to do to his workers, as we all thought we had that day off.


So I'm not sure what to do. It is going to be a bad scene when I give what little notice I can give.

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Seems like a complete no brainer that you take the new job. Sometimes you will have to burn bridges. Sometimes, you quitting abruptly is a wake up call to the owners/management that they actually need to have.


Either way, it's a toxic environment and if they keep doing what they are doing, there won't be a business and a job soon enough as it is. Giving notice is polite, but not required and parting ways on super nice terms is really more about leaving a door open to come back than anything else. Keep in mind also that once you give notice, they can actually tell you to get your stuff and get out immediately and literally walk you out the door. Partings are not always the standard two weeks and everyone is all nice about it.

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Definitely take the better job! Do you think any of these people would give you the same courtesy you're thinking about giving them? No!


It sounds like a terrible place. Get out of there and leave them to deal with their self created mess.


Good luck with the new job!!

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