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I thought I knew everything...


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Thank you Silverbirch.


I would say life has been bit better. I took two weeks off from work and I am still on my break. I am on med which helps but it has severe side effects or maybe, my body is just not accepting it but I can see the difference in my mood so I will continue taking it. Working out is harder now as I feel nausea all the time and even vomited two times while working out.


All in all, life seems to be getting better or at least I feel that way due to the meds.


My wife is spending more time with me now and It is sure that she will come back to me. Sara is away on her vacation and I am trying to fix certain things in my life.

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Hi SilverBirch,


I guess I am good. The pills keep me happy, one day at a time. I still don't feel any excitement in life or a drive to do anything but I am still alive. Weight loss is going well and someone just made me realise that it might be emotional weight loss. This could be true as due to extensive travelling, I was not able to work out since April 4th but I am still losing weight.


Trying to keep myself busy with work and travel.

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And the struggle continues. The good thing is that now, I have no one to blame for it. I have accepted my situation exactly the way it is and I wait for the best. Focusing on anything is impossible for me now, but I still try. I am vulnerable if I forget to take my meds but I think, I am okay. Life is what we make it to be.

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