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Hi just looking for some advice.5 weeks ago my gf of 1 year dumped me she said she wasn't feeling it anymore.We had previously been happy and had a great Christmas together and then this! She is a not a nasty person but she hasn't contacted me in those 5 weeks and I don't know what to do.I pleaded with her at first-big mistake I know-and then she blocked me she says because of that.I want her back and it just doesn't seem final to me.She suggested friendship after that but then blocked me.What can I do? Thanks Chris

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Sorry to hear that Chris. Being dumped sucks.

Don't buy into the "we can still be friends" That is code for "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I'm moving on for good"


She is blocking you because she is moving on (perhaps with a new guy). This is a clear indication you should do the same.

You will find love again, just not with her.


Keep your head up

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You should just move forward as well. Think about things that you did in the relationship that weren't good and fixed those things..analyze yourself and go no contact.


People who end relationships with no good explanation and not trying to work on things for the relationship possibily lack good problem solving skills.


It doesn't matter if someone new or not is in the picture and never be someones friend after a breakup if it ain't mutual.

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Did she meet another guy? You need to go no contact not pester her to the point of her blocking you. it's not helping you to get frantic and stay in touch.


No contact will help you reflect. What were the signs prior to breaking up? What were the disagreements about?

she said she wasn't feeling it anymore. she blocked me she says because of that.
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Chris... my ENA friend. You are still in denial. Thats why you are still spinning in circles not knowing what to do. First thing is first. You must accept hat its over. Now, it doesnt matter why because sometimes there is no fault or blame. Sometimes things like this happens for no reason. She was just not that into you anymore thats all. Its nothing you did, and nothing you do or say can make her come back into your life romantically. In simple terms, its over.


Admitting that it is over is not a bad thing. All you are doing is letting go of the relationship, not the good memories you had with her. In fact the year you were with her did good for you. You learned a lot about you, how you do in relationships and she grew as a person too. Break ups suck.. no doubt, but learning to let go is a very good lesson to learn.


Just say that its over. Begin the purging process and delete her number, texts, emails and anything that makes you feel anxiety. Box up or get rid of anything that reminds you of her and just by doing that, youll feel better. DO NOT look for info on her because you might find what you are looking for and its going to hurt you. You have been warned.


Know that you are going to be just fine.. you will find another girl and you will be happy again.

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