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I should of wrote


I know I have to stop contacting her... but since last night I'm wondering if I should call her or text her today or tomorrow to ask her if she thought about what she told me on friday and were she's at with that and depending on her answer continue to contact every now and then or should I just stop

contacting without adding anything more

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Thanks MissCanuck


I agree with what you said, I just wonder if It's a good idea to contact her and say have you thought about what you told me friday? If she say no or yes but I'm still not sure then I could say ok I understand but we can't continue like this altought you say you're not happy, you're not ready to do what you have to to be happy you've moved on and the time is right for me to move on also you can always contact me if you make changes in your life but in the meanwhile and starting now I don't think it's a good idea that we communicate or see each other anymore

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She already said no. Several times.


Lurking around spending time as "friends" won't make you more attractive to her. In fact, she knows she can go straight from spending the afternoon shopping with you to her new boyfriend and you'll still pursue her. Doormats aren't attractive.


Do you think she's telling her boyfriend she spent time with you?

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