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Possible Catfish


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yes can you do this ?


I am not into modern day techno stuff , snap stuffing and all that .... so just get the face to face stuff done asap .


After watching 7 million episodes of nev and max I would strongly advise you not let this carry on much longer ....


I agree with pippy, I don't have a strong social media presence, much too private a person for that.


I used to have FB but it caused way more problems than it was worth (including being hacked). So got rid.


I DO think her not wanting to speak on phone is red flag though, so tread carefully.


Suggest an in person meet, and gauge her response.


Also, if, while chatting, things don't add up or you are confused about something, ask her about it.


If she starts getting defensive about it, another red flag.


If she's legit, she will understand your concern and be open to clarifying it for you.


Good luck!

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Watch that show Catfish: not lonely or anything, I just overthink and get paranoid easily. I have her number and I think it's pretty difficult to fake a video call as the person she's claiming to be and also communicate to my responses.

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