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Just a quick question for those of us who have split with a partner recently.


On things like social media i.e Facebook, does your profile still stay you are in a realtionship with your ex or has he/she removed this from their status.

Facebook is just an example as not everyone uses it, but somewhere public anyway.


Just wondering.

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My relationship wasn't public but if it was I'd put single after a break up. If it still said in a relationship when I'm in fact not in one then I'd be a liar. 😊


I understand that, but I was thinking if they broke up with you, wouldn't they do that, or by not doing that does it mean there is hope? Even if it is pointed out days ago about it.

but I get where you are coming from too

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If they broke up with you. There's a decent chance they are in a relationship with someone else. So why change the status?


I know they are not in a relationship with someone else. She said she will talk to me tomorrow, I am wondering my chances as she still has us together and hasn't changed that.

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