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What are you "in shock" about? That she responded to your text? Or that she told you she misses you?

You are asking if that's a "good sign", but you haven't provided much other information. I went back and read your other posts.

What do you want from her ultimately? Do you wish to try the relationship again and have hopes that things might yet work out between you?

If you do, then I would keep the dialogue going with her via text for now...but with the ultimate goal of getting her to meet up with you if you want to talk to her about things in person. If that is what you want.

Obviously, it's a "good sign" when she responds and tells you that she misses you. Don't read so much into it and don't overthink it. Keep the dialogue open with her and get face to face with her next.

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I think saying I miss you puts yourself out there that you want the relationship, and if she doesn't reciprocate then it is clear that she does not want the relationship.


She knows how you feel, if there was a chance she wanted to get back together, she would show you.



There are no hidden meanings between the cracks, no silver lining. Break ups are break ups. If people want to get back together, they simply will.

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Sounds like nothing more than a socially nice response. If she had said something like I miss you too, can we talk about getting back together..... then you have something going for you. Then again, given your history with her.....maybe you should give her a wide pass and lose her contact info.


Break ups do suck, but everyone does get over them and invariably ends up meeting someone better and then they look back and wonder what all the agonizing was all about. The ex was never worth it, especially a cheating one.

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