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So following my so called friend sending me a picture of my ex kissing a 19 year old. Her mum called me late last night saying sorry for everything how upset she is by her daughters behaviour posting pics up etc. And her daughter admitted the picture was for my benefit apparently.


Me and her mum got talking I told her how I got me and her daughter a flat for Christmas but we split up so I lost a big deposit. She was asking how my job search was going I then said I should have something soon then I need to save for a deposit for a new place one I can afford on my own.


She then offered to give me £5000 for the £2000 i lost and for a new deposit for a new place...what the hell is all that about I mean what are these people trying to do to me.

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why are you talking to your exs mum?


you complained her ex has caused you a financial loss with the break up. to the mother that may have sounded like you blame them for your situation so she offered to compensate. ex and you have unfinished financial business and knowing ex would prefer to not go through with settling it, she offered to do it for her.


if you feel the ex owes you, accept the sum she owes you. if you don't, decline kindly.


and stop talking to her mother about her facebook pics and who she is kissing.


if you're done, it's not your beeswax.

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Don't accept the money. Why doesn't the ex pay her half?


That was my thought I wasn't moaning to her that I'd lost it we were just catching up I guess she caught me off guard to be honest. She just said she asked her why she put this Instagram picture up and all she said to her mum was it was for my benefit whatever that means.

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