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Sick joke. How do I make the best of it?


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I recently ran into a great job opportunity. I have 3 weeks left before going. The partner informed me of who would be joining the team. I would be working closely with them to develop the systems they need.


It turns out one of those people is the person who I've posted the most about on this forum. I stopped taking her calls and have just stopped responding to any of her messages. I just felt used and talking to her as a friend felt draining.


The partner did tell me that he told her I'd be on the team and she said I'd make a good addition. How do I go about this without rocking the boat? Do I need to clear the air?



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Unless you are really good at such things, I wouldnt try to 'clear the air'. When I try to do things like that, I always rock the boat. It never goes the way I think it will when Im planning what Ill say. Youre experience may be different if you are a diplomatic person. I usually end up with my foot in my mouth.

I would just go about the job as if nothing had happened, since none of that has anything to do with the job at hand. No matter what you do, there is going to be some friction. Ive worked with people I couldnt stand in the real world; it just something that happens sometimes. Sometimes it can get out of hand on the workplace.

The work world is a strange place, and brings out different things in people. Just keep it proffessional, and do your job, and dont have the 'other thing' interfear.

Good luck.

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