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She need a girl


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Hi, my gf at least once a month, usually before her period, have a need for girls touch. After one or two days, that feeling is gone and she is doesn't want to have anything like that.

Did anyone had a similar situation, we will like to found some kind of answer on this matter.

Trough time she had some experience with other girls but mostly because this need.

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We are together 1Y, so it's a pattern. I ask her the same question (is she bisexual) , but the answer is she can't see herself with a girl. But than again, she have a need for that only one or two days before period. She control herself during this time, not to be with girl, but I'm asking myself Is that a good thing?

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It's not so much strictly sexual need (in this part she just need to touch a topper part of the other girls body), like she need to feel someone who is not a man around herself. We know it's hormones, but it's very tricky, so we are trying to figure out what the deal.

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