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Was she trying to bail?


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So I met this chic online and we talked for a couple days. She ended up giving me her number and we texted. We exchanged pics and soon after she asked my plans for the weekend. I told her what I thought I might do and she suggested we hang out. I said sure. She stopped texting me andI figured she was busy. The next day she says that she just got into a car wreck and her car was in the shop. I thought that was very weird and decided she was trying to bail out for whatever reason since when you get intona wreck and she said she hit the guy from behind and scratched her bumper that it is kinda weird she would just go to the shop right after. I then told her there was no pressure to me and I undestand if she needs time and that to take care of herself I'd be going with or without her. She insisted that she still wanted to see me. We talk a bit more. Fast forward to the day we are supposed to meet and I no longer feel like going out and I want to stay home. I had not heard from her and didn't know what was going on. To be polite I texted her and told her that I hadnt heard from her and decided to stay in. She replied that she was at work and still there. At that point I was like how was I supposed to know that? Was she looking to bail? So I just told her its cool it was vday weekend and would be crowded and I just didn't feel like going out and to hang with her friends and to have a good evening. Now I'm case something like this happens again with another girl, I'd like to know if she was trying to bail? Or was just very busy. I felt kinda bad telling her I didn't wanna go out but even if we did go how was I supposed to know her work schedule? She never told me.

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Perhaps it wasn't the softest approach, but Silverbirch's message is valid: You decided that her car accident was a ruse. Then you decided you wanted to stay in instead of going out. This has to do with you, not girl you were talking to.


Thank you for a much better explanation. It was just weird, I know I didn't give her a specific time that I'd be going out but I figured if she wanted to see me she would've said something? Idk. Oh well lol

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