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Falsely accused and publicly slandered.


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Hi everyone. Gosh things were going so well, they still are, but had a set back in my positivity as I thought I would be nosey and check on my estranged sisters Facebook page. Not sure why but I do it from time to time although it doesn't serve my highest good! Just over a year ago I was falsely accused by my half sister of hiding and swindling money that my dear late dad had left behind. My sister had a bit of a broken upbringing and was taught by the women in her life that men are cheaters etc etc blah blah rubbish. Anyway, she has bipolar disorder (as do most of her blood line relatives). So it didn't come as a surprise when she randomly kicked off at me and all these twisted tales of reality were directed at me. I cut all contact because I'm aware enough to know that you cannot win a disagreement with someone who has such crossed thought patterns. Fast forward just over a year to today. I saw a disgusting post about me that she put up, putting down my appearance and my character. Along with calling me a narcissist. I must note that whilst accusing me of being ugly inside and out, she regularly plasters on her makeup, bleaches her natural hair and plumps up her lips to make her look anything than who she actually is! She is very insecure and manipulates people a lot, always sounding off like a victim. She ended up commenting on the photo alongside a little troll of hers, who conspired to make me look like the worst of people. The both of them are poison. I didn't react to it but was wondering if anyone else has been targeted by someone so hateful and misguided? I'm trying to rise above it and have altered my privacy online - as her attack was based on a profile photo that was public on my page. I know I shouldn't have been checking her page and I likely won't be now!

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