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Everything in my past is so insignificant since I met him


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I'm writing, because I have this weird urge to share my story, as I have read many comments and posts as well as commenting myself and I feel that everyone here is intelligent, well spoken and a lot of you have grown on me.


I have enjoyed this site for many years and it has helped me tremendously during my last toxic and abusive relationship.


Anyways, onto the man that exceeds my wildest dreams; My darling Husband, Alan.


I met this incredible man at my last place of employment. I was a cashier and he my customer. To cut straight to it, our first interaction was a long one. We talked for hours during an overnight shift of mine. He is the first person to whom I could ever open up to in such a short manner. I opened the door to what began as the most genuine friendship I have and will ever have.


I am 25 and he is 54, but none of that mattered when we one day exchanged numbers and spent a Saturday together driving around and opening up tremendously with one another.


Our attraction was electric from the start and hit me like a bolt of lightning. He told me he loved me and asked me to move in the second time we got together outside of work; I did just that.


Our sex life is out of this world and the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in my life.

He drives me insane and I can't get enough of him, ever.


All of my conditions went away with him and he became the exception. He has 3 kids and a lot of baggage and I saw right passed it and now his kids and I are extremely close and his youngest calls me Mom. He asked me to Marry him one week into our relationship and I said yes.


So there you have my short version of the story, because too many details might give away my identity.


Love sees no age and has no limit and I certainly learned that with my Husband, Alan.


Thank you guys for reading my very trimmed down love story and I would love to hear about yours as well and hope everyone eventually finds their version of what Alan is to me.

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