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Help needed! Did I mess up?


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Hi folks! Been a while since I've been on but really need input on a situation.

I have been talking with a girl at work, she was on a temporary contact and I only ever seen her maybe once or twice a week. For around 6 months. She worked in a different department from me but we can see and talk to each other from our respective areas (won't get into that). My friends and colleagues kept telling me she clearly like me. They said she would follow me with her eyes when I was going about my business and the way she looked at me when I was talking to her and that she couldn't give me anymore hints without flinging herself on me. Sorry!!!

My friends would say silly things about me to her and when I went to talked to her, her friends would smile and leave us alone. I felt a connection with her but was too scared/shy (I have my reasons) to say anything until...

Last week I seen her for the first time in a couple of weeks. I was talking with one of my friends whilst getting ready to go home when she walk past, coming into start and he said to her "what are you doing tonight because he wants to take you out for dinner". She said "I think you guys are at the wind up today" as she basically ran into her department with a red face.

The next day I seen her again, she was putting stuff away and getting ready to close up and go home and I had just started. She saw me and smiled at me with a wave, I thought I've got to say something to her now or never! I walked over to her and apologised for my friend embarrassing her she said "well today is your last chance". I asked "last chance for what" with a laugh. She told me it was her last day working there (I was gutted) and we spoke about that for a bit. I then told her it was true what my friend had said, she asked me what I meant? I said that I'd like to take her out. She said "I don't know, what do you mean out"? I said "I'd like to take you out for dinner and get to know you better away from work". She looked at me with a smile and turned and started to walk away from me she then looked over her shoulder and said "I'm not running away, I'll be back in a minute" and away she went. A couple of minutes pass and I'm doing paperwork when one of her colleagues comes out puts the lights out and locks up their area. At this point I thought she has went out the back without needing to pass me so there is my answer! I was gutted but at least I new and at least I had asked.

About 15 minutes later her and her friend appear from the back and she was staring at me. I was with my colleagues so gestured to her that I'd meet her out front, she smiled and nodded. I gave it a moment and followed them out. She came back to meet me and her friend walked on. Instantly she shows me her phone was out of battery (which it was) and she said that's where she went, to get her phone. She looked like she was panicking when showing me! I just laughed and wrote my number down and gave it to her and she then laughed and said "you've got it all sorted out, don't you". I said it took me long enough to ask so wasn't waisting my last chance. I told her I had been wanting to say to her for a while but...she interrupts and calls me a big scaredy!!! We both laugh as she flicks her hair over her shoulder turns and walks away!

That's the last I have seen or heard from her. I know that I've written a book but what do you guys think about this???

I was sure she liked me! I got a good vibe too when I asked her out.

Should I have asked for her number before she walked away?

Should I ask her friend if I can have her number? (I haven't seen her friend since then either but I will at some stage).

Why say "this is your last chance" to me?


Thank you in advance to all who read my book and all who give some input! 👍🏼

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I have to disagree with reflections



How long has it been since you've given her the number?


Let's be honest with ourselves Boab, if the situation was reversed and she had given you her number with the current interest you hold for her, would you wait day, or weeks, to reply or get back to her?



It really isn't rocket science. Maybe she's just a friendly flirtatious person. I think you put yourself out there and the ball is in her court. There is nothing else you can nor SHOULD do that won't come off stalkerish/possessive.



If she's interested, she'll call or message you, if not, and it's already been a week, sorry man, but no dice, that's it for her.


Move on.

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Thanks for the reply mike and also reflections.

To be honest that was my thoughts/fears! I've told myself there is nothing there, if she was interested she would have let me know. I suppose I'm here to confirm my fears!

I've had guys/girls telling me that maybe she is too shy or nervous to initiate and that is the mans job, keeping my hopes alive but I suspect you are right.

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