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ahhhh....sweet! Did you ever think it was gonna happen?


Peggy's Cove...love. Was there with my mom in my early 20's. The tide was coming in and I was running all over the rock and my mom was yelling at me to come back! hahahaha. Always thought it would be a FANTASTIC place to be married. In fact....i even said that's where I'd wanna be married. But, 40 years later, doesn't look like that's gonna happen!!! lol


So glad that YOU are. And if able...post pics of the happy couple!


Hi Realitynut :)


Quite frankly, no. And I certainly never thought it would happen like this. Just prior I was dating someone else, for about four months. After that ended I figured I would jump back on the horse and start dating again, right away. I went on my first date exactly one week later. My intention was just to date casually and have fun, maybe make some new friends. Of course, if something happened, that was cool too.


I really thought at this point I would settle into a single life of easy dating. Nothing too serious. Which is kind of what she wanted also. On our first date we both expressed we weren't looking for anything serious. HA HA.


Don't lose hope. Peggy's Cove is awaits you :)

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Interesting... when bf and i ran into one another, we told each other we weren't interested in dating per se. That of course there were people floating about but that we were focused on ourselves and pursuing our individual goals.


There is something to the idea of letting go, in a perhaps Buddhist sense of that concept; acceptance and openness, in contrast to pursuit.

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Awesome news Sportster! Woohoo! Very happy for you! I love your proposal idea and spot, sounds just lovely.


I totally understand the grieving of your single lives. . . this is my biggest obstacle to ever dating again lol! But space is possible in every relationship.....you can do this! Good luck, best wishes, and I will happy to see the proposal and wedding pictures! (((HUGS)))


Hi mines :)




You're next :)

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Sportster, I had been purposely avoiding ENA for a long time, as I had felt like posting in my journal had become sort of a “negative feedback loop” for me (through no one’s fault but my own). While things have actually gotten a lot better for me (I’ve continued working on myself and my attitude, and while I’m still “mostly” single at the moment, life has seemed a lot easier), I remain hesitant to post anything here in my own journal anymore. I’ve just been trying to enjoy my own life and take things one day at a time and have minimized any comparisons to others.


Nevertheless, I have lurked around here from time to time. And I'm glad I did today because I got to see your post. I cannot tell you how this has actually physically warmed my heart. I'm not even exaggerating. I know you went through so much dating bullsh*t to get to where you are, and I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart - congratulations!!! I wish you and your soon-to-be fiancé the best of luck! :D


Hey JJ, always good to hear from you.


Thanks so much for your warm and kind words. Good to hear you are doing so well. Keep doing what you're doing, it's obviously working :)

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