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My two old friends are now my frenemies and will not stop stalking me.


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A few months ago I was Facebook friends with my friend until she asked me why I had fought over a boy with her which I never did with her and she thinks we did. After I had blocked her, she is very persistent by making a new Facebook account everyday, no matter how many times I have blocked her. My other friend does just the same. My two frenemies are making me really really mad and I am at the point where I really want to delete Facebook. I have told my parents and friends but they keep telling me to just ignore it but is getting to the point where it is very hard to ignore it and keep having to block them all the time. One of my frenemies has already made five new Facebooks and I know she will make more. What can I do to stop this? I really don't want to delete my Facebook over this.

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Try talking to her again. Just let her say what she thinks happen and try to make amends. Let her go on if she wants, try not to argue with her. Sometimes just letting other people say what's on her mind can ease the situation. Just listen and don't argue. Even if you are in the right, don't let on. Just let her get her anger out.


If she can't get over it, I would de-activate your facebook for awhile. Just let people know in person that you won't have facebook for awhile until all this heated drama dies down.

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