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Is she losing interest? Lazy? Trying to show her love in ways that you aren't feeling? Have you tried talking to her?


My advice for anyone in a dissatisfying relationship is simple: fix it or end it. If you can't live without those things she isn't doing, and she's not willing to start doing them, it might be time to walk away.

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I think a talk may be in order. There are obviously problems that need addressing.


I'd ask simple questions like "Do you love me? Do you still want to be in this relationship? Is something wrong? Is there something that I could be doing more?


And then I'd tell how I felt and what she could be doing more. And if we couldn't get to the bottom of it, well then we would have to decide to end it.

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Yes step back. You say she's the one taking you for granted /getting sick of you? Do not laser focus on someone or "make them a priority" at the expense of everything else, it's unhealthy and she's sensing that. It's stifling


Why do you see each other this much everyday? Don't you have work, school, sports, interests, hobbies, friends, family,etc?

SO me and my gf have been dating for a little over a year. I constantly feel like I'm doing all the work in the relationship. i.e. making her a priority rather than an option. I feel like she isn't doing the same to me. What do I do?
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Guys this worked tremendously. Wow


This contradicts your other thread (which you created today).


In the new thread, you said she told you she feels you have lost interest and are into another girl.


She's noticed a difference ever since I've limited contact and she is assuming that I lost interest in her. She said yesterday that she believe ms that I am talking to another girl because I haven't been in immediate contact like I always used to be


And, as such, has backed off herself. Or as you phrased it, playing "hard to get." Like it's a game. Instead of chasing you like you wanted.


So which is it?

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I work go to school and go to the gym religiously.

Im always the one to contact her no matter what. She gets mad when I don't


First off, you have been initiating for a year, so she's become accustomed to that.


Any deviation from that is gonna throw her off a bit, cause her to become a bit insecure, that you are losing interest.


She gets mad cause she's confused and scared that you have lost interest. She actually told you this.


Anyway, getting mad is how some people express that fear.


Would you have preferred she not give a **** when you don't contact her?


And act like it's okay? No big deal?


How would that have made you feel?

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