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I've been in a relationship with a married man for a little over a year I've known him for about 8years before he was married. His wife has caught us together at hotels twice and each time he told her he wouldn't see me again but he lied. I ended up pregnant and I called and told his wife I was having her husband'a baby. She told me she would not allow him to take care of an outside child. They've been together 10years married 5years. He was married once before but cheated and left his first wife for his wife now. Needless to say she played my role before. Now our son is two months old he's gotten us a house, pays all the bills, he even has a key but still live with her. We sleep together daily and I love him. He wife still doesn't know he's even seen our son . She going through the lost of her only son so he says it's not the right time but he committed to being a father and also being there for me. I want her to know about his son. But I do understand her situation and why he doesn't want to rock the boat. She even went on my Facebook and showed him pic of our son and admitted that he look like him but she still doesn't want him to have contact or she says she'll leave. He hasn't signed his birth certificate in fear she'll find out but we're in the process of getting a paternity test and says once that's done he'll tell her even though he know he's his son he feels he has too prove it to her and maybe she'll except it because he won't walk away from his child. What should I do? Push the issue or give it time? He claims he loves me and doesn't want me to leave him and his actions show he loves me but he's still married to her. Plz help!

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You are perfectly happy cheating, even in the face of getting caught twice, why do you care if she believes it's his kid? Clearly knowing that he's a horrible cheat won't change her mind. He could leave her at any moment he wanted to be with you. He doesn't need to PROVE anything to her. He could be with you right now, he is choosing not to. Because he would rather have two women who put up with him then be a loyal loving partner and parent.


Why do you put up with it? What are you hoping will come out of this?

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