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Is he cheating with his best friend


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My boyfriends "best friend" is my cousin. He has told me he used to like her as more than friends. They talk about personal stuff together and won't talk much when I'm with them. He invites her bowling and to movies almost every week. He's invited me maybe 5 times since we got together a year a half ago. He's sexual with me. And we argue alot unless he gets to be sexual. He's hateful if not. He has showed me before he loves me. But I'm jealous of how him and his friend are. Should I be. I don't even know if he really loves me anymore,but I really love him and I can't imagine not having him. I need advice. When we argue he suggests taking breaks from us and tells her before he even suggests it to me an on one of those breaks he got sent nudes from girls "without asking"

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overall does not appreciate you, keeps dumping you for others, announces to girls when he's about to be single (for a while), and overall bad match from the sounds of it.



why bother.



what you are doing with the breaks is giving him a free pass to act like you're crap while he gets to be with other girls without even being held responsible because he was on a break, and then come back for the sake of being in a relationship and continue to act like you're the worst choice of girlfriend.


no, he does not love you doesn't even sound like he likes you. and he sure doesn't sound likeable himself. do better.

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He's dating your cousin and having sex with you. He has a thing for her. Does she have a bf? Sorry sounds like he's using you for sex until he can score with her. He's also playing the field, sexting, etc. Are you exclusive? Stop having sex with him on demand.

He's sexual with me. And we argue a lot unless he gets to be sexual. He's hateful if not. When we argue he suggests taking breaks.
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He gives me all his passwords luke he has nothing to hide but what he does have angers me. He's a flirty person with everyone by nature and he just prioritizes her over me. I see it's a bad relationship for me but I really do care for him and it's he'd for me. And it's selfish of me to want to keep a bad relationship. I just don't know

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