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Is she after my boyfriend? Should I be worried?


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I had a friend through facebook who was a hobby contact, not much of a friend. We never talked in person, but knew each other through hobby endeavors.


A year later, she linked me through my instagram and just two months ago started to follow my boyfriend as well on facebook and instagram, and then his snapchat.


I was unaware but she started to message him on his snapchat just a couple weeks ago, and eventually he hooked her up with his close friend to date.


Before he hooked his friend up with her I told him about her, telling him to be aware that that she was no good, and to be cautious of her, as I was starting to notice her "liking" his photos excessively and he told me that she added him on all his social media platforms.


She has never met him in person but I had a feeling that she was messaging him, she was giving me bad vibes. I find her interest in talking to him or even adding him as a friend disturbing. He does however share the same hobby as us so I let it slide.



Should I be concerned that she is messaging him, and should I be concerned that he has hooked her up with his friend to get her attention away from him? He offered to delete and block her, but now she is dating his friend.. and this is getting awkward, so I told him no, I do not want to control his social media. He can choose who he is friends with. I want to give the guy some space and trust without being the crazy girlfriend, but also want to protect my heart and not be naive.


Is this girl crossing the line? is she trying to get at my boyfriend by going through his friends?



I just deleted and blocked her on all my accounts as she was never really a friend. I did it to prove a point to her as she never talked to me before messaging my boyfriend. Please advise what I should do next. I have jumped the gun I know, but I have been cheated on by my ex-husband and am sensitive and can get jealous too easy.

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