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Question about resume writers

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I've been looking through local resume writer websites, and am wondering it's worthwhile to go that route. They are very pricey. I don't mind if I get results, but having never used one before, I'm not sure if they can deliver.


There is one company that offers a full resume, cover letter, and improves your LinkedIn profile, too. I like that approach, but for $1,700 I need to have some certainty about the results.


Also, on LinkedIn, is there any way to filter out particular people so they can't see your updates ... or the fact that you're looking?


Thank you

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I wouldn't pay that kind of money, why not take the time to do it yourself? You can find all kinds of helpful videos on you-tube that explain how to create various kinds of resumes and cover letters. Follow the steps, they walk you through using various templates on Microsoft word, it's good stuff.


Once you get all that done, get a couple of friends to take a look over it and see if they spot any errors. 1,700 is absurd, this is something that you should be doing yourself!!!

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So here's the thing. With a service like that, you're essentially paying for the typography / design. Which is actually pretty valuable in a competitive labor market. Still, you're getting gouged because it happens to be for a resume.


So long as you know what you want on the resume, I'd just put an ad out on Craigslist and post on facebook asking for someone who wants some money styling and formatting a resume for you. I'm certain there are very capable web design students out there with portfolios who would love to make a few bucks and who could easily tackle a two-page resume. And if you don't know exactly what you should have on it, a $40 workshop should just as well do the trick.


But that's all assuming you can't save yourself some time and effort and just find a service who can't help you out for a hundred bucks or so.

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I recently had a major career change. It was going nowhere for a long time, until one of my colleagues did a rewrite of my resume and the approach I needed to take when explaining myself to a potential employer. Granted, he's a friend so it only costs me a scotch once a year. Even so, I suppose you have to weigh the costs against the benefits of a new career. If your resume isn't getting you open doors, it may need an objective look. Other than that, I would recommend taking it to people who hire or screen and see what they say.

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$1,700 is a bit ridiculous for putting together a resume. I mean even if you were to buy the new Microsoft Word software or if you can find a cheap one like Word, they have resume templates. If you are having trouble with the wording I mean hell I can even help you out with that! But seriously, if you are having trouble putting one together there are plenty of tutorials to help online, that won't be near that much money. Good luck, and hey I was serious, I am not working right now and I could help you out, shoot me a message if you want.

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I agree with what everyone else has already said. Also when you use services like that they almost make you sound perfect on paper, but in an interview you might fail to live up to that, not saying this will be you, but just speaking in general. I think it is really important to write your own Resume using your own wording so that it sounds like you and not like someone else has written it for you.


I am really good at writing and wording things correctly, my own Resume and Covering Letters has got me a lot of interviews, I actually have one on Tuesday! I'm not working at the moment either so if you would like some help then feel free to message me and I'll see what I can do.

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Thanks to everyone All of the input helps.


My current resume was written by me using a Word template. I'm in a new area without a lot of contacts, and I feel I need something better than what I have. I'd also like to look into a different career, still business, but something new to me.


The advice given was great, and I appreciate the offers, too

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