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Should I Give My Crush a Gift On Valentine's Day


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First off, I could not find a topic relevant to this situation, so I just picked what I felt was the most suitable.


Anyway, my crush knows that I like her, and my feelings will probably never be reciprocated since she's straight. However, she has expressed that she understands and accepts me and there is no awkwardness when we talk to each other. She's just nice like that.

Valentine's is coming up soon and I want to give her a box of chocolate since she loves chocolate and I want to make her happy. However, I feel like by doing so I'm sending off the wrong message, that she will suspect that I'm hitting on her even though we've agreed on friendship. She may be nice, but a flaw of her's is that she is never ready to forgive and give second chances. She told me that as long as I respect her personal space, we can stay friends and she will not shun me out. However, making her think that I'm hitting on her after she has expressed her lack of interest, seems like the wrong thing to do. Should I give her the chocolate? Or should I just not give her anything?

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No, no chocolates. It is giving the wrong impression and you will most definitely push her away. It might be a different situation if you gave her something nice for her birthday, but not on Valentines Day.


You're going to have to accept that it's never going to be more than friends. That might be painful if you continue to be around her so much and your feelings don't change. She let you know that she will be friends, but nothing more. You need to respect that.

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However, I feel like by doing so I'm sending off the wrong message


You are sending the wrong message ...if you wanted to show you care in the friendship then you would pick any of the other 364 days of the year , valentines day is a load of tosh to me personally , but it is deemed as the day of love , the day of romance , the day to leave someone a little gift , to ask someone out etc etc.


If you truly value her friendship and accept she is straight you will not push her and put her on the spot like this ...you will end up losing her as a friend .

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