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What would be your reaction if a coworker came up to you and said...


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I saw your profile on OKCupid last night? I was so uncomfortable because I never in a million years thought that someone was goofy enough to tell a person they work with they saw their profile on a dating site. Turns out we were on the same site and i never knew and she wanted to bring it to my attention.


Is that kind of odd? I seen coworker's profiles but I never came to work and said....."hey I saw your profile:

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Depends. I would've just laughed and said what a coincidence. Or maybe have a chat about how they're going on there and share stories, if you're pretty close / chatty with them at work.


I don't see what's awkward about it. Personally, I'm not ashamed to be online dating, if someone at work wants to ask me about it or share stories, I'm happy to do that (depending on who this person is).

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Yeah I kinda feel like online dating is so common, it's no big deal to chat about it. I know co workers who have helped each other make and improve their profiles. It depends on your comfort level. Are you a guy? How did you respond?


I;m a guy and was trying to change the subject. lol She just came in one morning smiling and I was like..."what?


And that's when she was like...."I saw your profile

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I guess I'm not used to people talking about that at work. So maybe it was poor social skills.

i would not appreciate it simply because i don't want anything personal at work usually. but i would've just switched the subject to something work-related. if you don't want private things discussed there, cut them short immediately and repeatedly until they get it.

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Well, here's a doozy. When I was on an online dating site a male neighbor messaged me telling me that now that I was single would I be interested in getting together and do I know what "scissor hold" is (apparently, it's a sexual position, I had to look it up). He told me that he'd always found me attractive and would love to get together sometime.


Here's the kicker. Because of his career he's away from home about 60% of the time. When he is home, he lives with his wife and kids still. I've heard they're swingers and also have an open marriage.


Yup...not uncomfortable at ALL when I have to drive by their house and he's outside...not uncomfortable at all, LOL!

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Some people are always hungry for drama and office gossip. Ignore them.


Ha! They are probably hooking up on tinder as you read this. after she told me she saw my profile couple of mins later her and 4 other ladies was laughing. I was thinking they were all viewing my profile. Lol

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