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Does´t want to be with me but wants to hang out with me all the time

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So as I have shared before, me and my GF of 2 years broke up this past October. She said she loves me, but is not IN love with me. Yet, we hang out all the time and I am the first person that she always shares her life with, every event of the day almost. We are having a life that most coupes have, except without the warmth, flirting, sex, etc.


She does not want to get back together and she has made this clear before. Yet, she wants to be with me...all the time, and we help each other out. I really don´t understand what is going on. We are not a couple, but act as a couple kind of. We have even gone out on "double dates" with her friends. She kind of asked me very casually not so long ago if I had told anyone we had broken up, I told her yes, and she said it´s ok, she was just curious. So I don´t understand her, I am not speaking her language, can someone give me another perspective of what is going on? She has not gone on any dates since we broke up, and neither have I. She made it clear that she wants to stay broken up in case she falls in love with someone else.

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She is still relying on your friendship after the fact. But it probably will only be for a short while, so this is where you need to cut her off.


When she gets back on her feet and meets a new man, her "friendship" with you will be over in a flash. All her friendship will be directed at her new man and her new life.


Don't let her rely on you. Cut it off now. It's not being mean.

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I had a guy friend like this before, when I was a lot younger. We had never dated, but we were as close as you're describing that you and her are now. I loved hanging out with him, he was my go-to person in all situations, etc. But my feelings did not extend beyond friendship. She's seeing you as a friend and emotional crutch, I'm sorry. If your feelings are more than that, then you probably need to distance yourself for your own well-being.

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