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What does this message mean?


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I'm still dating this girl, talking a lot, meeting up and had our first kiss the other day. It's all going good and I've done well not thinking about things too much like normal.


She messaged me today though and said something along the lines of "just told my parents about you, getting a million questions, etc, funniest one was do I actually like this one"


The chap she went on 2 dates previous to me she didn't really like but wanted to give him a chance but no connection so that's what her mum meant.


I asked what was the answer to the last one and her reply was a simple "maybe one day you will find out


What the hell does that mean?!

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Have you met her parents? Sounds like a reference to that.


No I haven't but quite right.

Thanks everyone, it's been a very, very, very long time since I've met someone and everything to go so right like this. I guess I'm just wary after my past

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