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Does she hate me?


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Hi guys me again. Quick background check. So I had been dating this girl for about 2 months. When we met she was 2 months out of an abusive relationship. We started off having the best time. We get on so well, then her x tried to kill himself, and claimed to have cancer. That set her back we would still hang out all the time. She never flopped on a date. We would be laughing our heads of constantly. It was great. Last week I'm sure she went to a different state to see him. When she came back she was saying "I can't wait to see u" I didn't press her I did ask if she had been to see him. She said no though. I asked her out for Valentine's Day she agreed and was so excited. Yesterday I was over thinking the relationship. We haven't had sex, although we have been physical. I was scared and reading people's replies to my post on here. I decided to end it. I was really sweet about it. And basically said the thought of u going back to him scares me. You have to know your worth. Told her I've loved getting to know her, and that she's an amazing girl. I sent that yesterday. She read it and didn't respond. I honestly just want her to be happy, as I do myself. I'm not going to message her again. I basically just would like to know she's not angry with me? Why hasn't she replied? Is she happy it's over? Is she angry with me? Is she upset??

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Sorry to hear this, but it was the best thing to do. She was hot/cold and still involved with and not over this ex.


No point in being a rebound in the friendzone. She needs therapy, not a relationship. Now go no contact and block and delete her. She will have to cry on someone else's shoulder then, hopefully a therapist.

dating this girl for about 2 months. When we met she was 2 months out of an abusive relationship. Last week I'm sure she went to a different state to see him. I decided to end it.
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I know. That's why I ended it. I feel for her though. Just a little disappointed that she hasn't even responded. I liked her. I'm not one to chase or really try again once I've made my mind up. Just baffles me why she hasn't even texted me back.


Because there is nothing to respond to. Her silence is golden and tells you what you already knew but maybe didn't quite want to face - you were of low importance to her. Handy to have around for as long as you are willing, but no big loss if you are gone. So from her perspective, there is nothing to say to you other than "thanks for letting me know, good luck to you." which would be kind of silly. So silence is just better.

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From what you wrote in your previous thread, you did the right thing by calling things off.


Evidently her abusive ex still has a hold over and is still able to control her emotionally. As much as she no doubt enjoyed your company, she was not emotionally available to you. Unfortunately you were developing feelings for her so ending things now before you fell any deeper was the sensible thing to do.


She has no reason to hate you. She might feel "put out" for a while (no-one really likes to be "dumped" even if they weren't invested in things in the first place) but she knows deep down that you did the right thing, even if it doesn't suit her. Eventually she will recognise that and will probably respect you for it.

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