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Me living together with my ex gf after she broke up with me 2 weeks ago


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Hi all, please I would need you advise. I don’t know but I think that my Ex girlfriend is playing mind games with me. In her family there is heart issue right now, her related is suffering from cancer. She decided to break up with me 2 weeks ago. First 3-4 days she was really angry at me after that when I left our home for 4 days she changed big time.. She was nice, sharing with me her food, telling me stories what she did, starting conversations etc etc.


Her behaviour: - she stopped posting pictures on instagram and Facebook - she has private instagram and we have one together - she checks mostly ours regarding I am liking/searching - no activity on social media at all - she is fanatic to social media - today she texted me random stuff and then nothing

What is in her head? What is she waiting for? I dont get it.


tl;dr: What is her thinking? Does she play mind games with me?

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People act in very different ways when it comes to bad news especially if she is close to that family member. A lot of people especially those who have not had many traumatic events in their life tend to become introvert and closed often reacting by breaking away from those they are closest too in a way to make themselves hurt too like their family member. Sometimes this way of behaving is the only way they can deal with the pain and that is by emotionally hurting themselves. The best way to find the answer is to determine whether or not she has been through something similar previously and how she reacted to it then. if she has not had anything like this before then i suggest you just be patient with her, let her know you are there if she needs you and with time she would likely come around to a better thought process was the shock dies down.

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I've been in a situation where I was still living with a guy who had ended the relationship. As soon as I could, I sorted out somewhere else to live, but it took a bit of time to sort out deposits, references etc and I was there for a few weeks before I moved into my new flat.


The guy alternated between being absolutely vile (especially after a few drinks) and pleasant and polite. Some days he'd tell me there was no hurry for me to move, to take my time - and other days he'd be pushing and nagging. If I'd paid any attention to him, I'd have been all over the place emotionally. Similarly, don't try to read anything into what your ex-girlfriend's up to - it'll only mess with your mind, as you have seen.


The only thing to do was focus on what I needed to do, whilst remaining as pleasant and polite as possible; and I suggest that you do the same.

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Sorry to hear this. How much longer do you have to live together? Are you still broken up or in limbo waiting for one of you to move out?


If you broke up yet live together how is something as petty as social media going to keep a pulse on what's going on? You need to talk about who moves out and when. Then talk about severing all joint stuff regarding your place.


When you initiate these necessary conversations, you'll know a lot more about what's going on than checking instagram.

She decided to break up with me 2 weeks ago. First 3-4 days she was really angry at me after that when I left our home for 4 days she changed big time.
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