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Why do I feel guilty after blocking her?


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I ended a long distance relationship a while ago, she kept contacting me even tho we were friends.

The whole time for months we would talk almost every day and were very close like friends. However last week I went to visit family in maine and after returning she confessed to me about more lies, lies from before.

I didnt want to block her but this time I had enough and finally blocked her. I dont know why but why do I feel guilty?

I never lied or played with her, for some stupid reason I automatically worry about her feelings first and I know I shouldnt. She said she wanted me to forgive her for lying and for us to go back to what we used to have, I feel she is manipulative.

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Co-dependents worry more about the feelings of others than their own feelings, often to their own detriment. For example, you may feel you "need" to unblock her in order to not hurt her feelings, even if communicating with her hurts yours.


She will survive, I promise.

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