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Ex still follows me on social media


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Hey guys,

Today marks 11 days of no contact. My ex gf and I dated for 3 years. She broke uo with me because she doesnt love me anymore. Well she unfollowed me on snapchat and on fb. However, she hasnt unfollowed me on instagram and still views my instagram stories. I been thinking of unfollowing her but i dont want it to seem like the break up still affects me. Why does she still view my stories?

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I was thinking about it. A friend told me she still wants to know whats going on with me

So do you want to live off the fact that you're interesting enough for her to lurk on, or do you want to move on?


The secondary benefits of playing this game are a meagre amount of validation and illusions of a happy ending. If they are worth wasting your time on, whatever rocks your boat. If yhey are not, unfollow.

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Wiseman2 i want her back. I miss her but I also need to heal


Don't be with someone who doesn't want to be with you. Block her on ALL social media. Clearly she is messing with your head. Don't let her. Heal and move on.


You will find someone will want to be with all of you, sans the games.

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How do you know they unfollowed you on FB?? My ex still follows me... I don't know I don't think anything of it. I still follow him on insta...I dont know why, I think its a bit awkward, so i just left it as is for now. I dont like or go out of my way to look or anything so it doesn't bother me. I dont have snapchat.

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Healing and wanting them back are two very different mind sets.

If you want to heal, you accept that it is over and do things to begin to move forward with your life. You get rid of or you put away anything that reminds you of your X. You start putting your X and your past behind you so you can clear a path and start moving forward.

Wanting her back is not moving forward. You will focus your energy in wondering what your X is doing, how are they feeling, does your actions give any signal, you don't want to make any move for fear of showing that you are not interested. So you wait and you wait. You put your life on hold in hopes that your X can find you.

Cant have it both ways....

You pick a path, and you do it. If you wait and she doesn't come back. You will be more hurt because you wasted all that time. If you don't wait and you move forward, youll believe that is a signal that you don't want your X back. There was a reason why you two broke up. If you haven't changed after the break up, then where is the incentive to come back? BTW, if someone wants you, they will find you.

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