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HOW can i get him out of my mind? :(


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Hey guys, i came here because i want some advices. (Some of u guys may know about my situations, and specially, this one in specific because i post a lot here lol )


Well i ended up my 5 years relationship with my long distance boyfriend, who now is dating a girl he just MET 8 months ago.. i was the one who ended up our relationship but he wasnt acting like the lovely and normal boyfriend that he was before and some other important things (you can read my previous post to know more) i loved him deeply.. i really do.. i dreamed a dream with him.. i dreamed he would BE my husband , my kid's father.. my all but.. it wasnt..


even though we broke up, i did feel that i love him, and actually i do feel that i miss him.. not sure if i can call it ''love'' because somehow u get over it by the time passed.. but i really miss him.. 5 years is a lot..


NOW we don't talk.. i blocked him from almost EVERYWHERE.. he can't even call me.. i thought i was a good way to prevent me from thinking and suffering about our situation... but i have a false facebook and i used to stalk him from there and see what's up with him.. there i found out that he proposed to her.. and it hurt me ALOT and still does. When i found out we talked (In that moment ''the blocked from everywhere game'' wasnt that strong, we still could talk via skype) he told me that he still love me but he proposed because this girl is legal in the USA or getting her together to be one and HE IS NOT.. so if he marry her, he could be one! anyways... i understood.. that was something any immigrant would love to.. but then he stopped texting me.. i was like maybe it's because of his fiance.. and i thought it was better to stay like that.. one day i was really bad.. and i text him ''I hate you'' and he texted me back with '' i'm trying the same. i will never forgive what u had done'' (he can't get over that i got involved with another man, just as he did, but OK, mans are like this cute lol and no, it didn't work and i'm single now)


I didn't reply that text.. i feel like it didn't worth it to be talking about the same over and over again!.. this past week i was checking my facebook feed and i found out via his mother facebook that he CAN BE HAVING A BABY WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND AND MAYBE WIFE.. really not sure if that's true (wasnt that clear) but i broke my heart again! all i dream with him another woman is now enjoying it all!


i decided to unfollow all his family that i had from fb and instagram for my own well being.. and most important to stop stalking so i can't confirm if the girl is pregnant or if they got married already.. i really don't want to know, i don't want to get hurt! but sometimes i feel the NEED to stalk him... I HAVEN'T DONE IT but i hard! sometimes i miss his hugs, his kiss, having someone to talk.. having his love! and i don't know how to stop it! i know this is a long writing but i need help! what can i do to GET HIM COMPLETELY OUT OF MY MIND!?

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