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Pre Cum Or Urine When Attempting To Mastrubate


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Hello everyone:


I'm attempting to mastrubate. But I'm having a problem. When I am mastrubating and it feels like I'm about to ejaculate, a liquid which is not semen comes out. sometimes a little bit, but sometimes I squirt this liquid out. I know the very little bit is most likely pre cum, but when it starts to squirt out, I can't tell if it's pre cum or urine. How can I tell the difference? I really want to be able to cum whenever I mastrubate. Right now the only times it seems like I can cum are when I'm about to have a wet dream when sleeping.


But when mastrubating, should I be pushing like I'm trying to pee in hopes of cumming?


I don't have any sex toys so I'm only using my hands to mastrubate. Also is it best to lube the penis when mastrubating?

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should I be pushing like I'm trying to pee in hopes of cumming?


Haha no...


That made me laugh as I remember my very first time when I was younger. I don't know, probably around 12 or so and I thought and did exactly as you did!


1 - Don't push! - Yes, when you are young and don't know how stuff works, it feels like a pressure is building up there and there is that urge to force it out using the same muscles that you use to pee. This is wrong! Trust me, when you're ready to cum, there's not a thing on earth that will stop it coming out barring a really tight (and painful) grip on your manhood!


2 - Pee is watery and clear... yellow or white depending on how much you've had to drink. Pre-cum is sort of like a clear-ish goo that *seeps* out (but if you force as you mentioned above, this might get mixed with pee and get a mixed consistency!). Semen/cum is anything from a milky white to a slightly yellowish sticky fluid. You'll know it's semen because (at your age particularly) it will smell heavily (some say like fish, others say musty... I personally find it has a very light chlorine/bleach smell)... but you'll know it's this because unlike pre-cum where it seeps out, semen/cum will be forced out (sometimes quite far!) and you'll feel a *pulsing* down there as your muscles spasm to push it out.


3 - As for techniques... entirely up to you! - whatever works best. Some lay on their back and play, others push into a pillow, some use a sock/watermelon (cultural reference there!), some lube, others don't! I think most people generally start of slow to get hard, then get faster and faster until it happens... but as is the same with girls, consistency is the key. If you stop halfway through, you pretty much have to start all over again.


4 - It takes practice! - your *gear* works down there as you've had wet dreams, so it's all good... Just find something you like, watch it, read it or use your imagination and build up to the moment.

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I thought that a man can basically only do one or the other, otherwise it's painful. No?


It might be different for other men but cum/pre-cum can come out and then halfway through squirting you can try to pee... or after it's all out... and it doesn't really hurt. You can't cum halfway through peeing though... the mechanism doesn't work that way - need to be turned on.


The only time it hurts (and from what I hear it's different for women!) - we can't stop peeing halfway through. Once we start, it's all out or by god does it sting when we try to clench!

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So you are 31 correct?


If you have an erection it isn't urine coming out. Ejaculating is not a voluntary muscular motion like urinating so no there is no pushing involved. When you start climaxing your body does all the work.


I would say you have pre-cum if you are masturbating for long periods of time but I have never heard of it squirting out. What ever is happening it shouldn't be painful unless you are rubbing one out with a handful of sand!!! Ouch!



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