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I'm pretty confused ( I just wanna know something)


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Hi! everyone


I'm a freshman studying in the university and I'm not a native speeaker so I'm a little bit flummoxed with the current slang.

Today I met I nice girl when I was studying in the university and I really liked her.

Basically I started a small talk with her and she seemed intersted and I got a lot of positive vibes everything sounded perfect

I told her I'm new here and it's my first 2 weeks then I asked her " maybe sometimes we can meet over some couple of coffe"

and she was like" yeah yeaah seee you around"


Actually, I've been studying american slang and based on my experience if you want to blow somone off politely you can say see you around"

Therefore, I was having a cold feet and I didn't get her number and got off quickly. however before leaving I felt like she was expecting me to take her number

So what do you think experts?

I'm I right?? it was indirect blow off or my study and experiences are right??

my problem is I think a lot And I hope I was wrong.

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Hi Kiradess,


Learning the current slang doesn't help when reading people. Slang is just verbal communication, non-verbal communication is still very important.


Don't overthink (don't think a lot) about this, this was one time. Is it possible she was blowing you off? Yes. Is it possible maybe she wasn't? Yes.


So what to do? Next time you see her and small talk happens again, then get her number. Don't ask her to coffee, just get her number. Once you have her number, then you can ask her for coffee.

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Thank you for all the answers !!


but what I want to know is how to deal with situations like these

what if I asked somone out or a meeting and the only answer she gives you is see your around.

How should I interpret the answer? You can't read people's minds anyway and the language is pretty vague

To be candid, I'm a scentific person if the answer is not clear, I'll not go to the next step.

From my perspective, if somone is really interested the answer would be of plain like" why not".

However, see you around remains a witty way to throw people off.

Hence, we can deduce that the word see around is 90 % blow off

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To be honest the list of vague replies is endless. One Americanism is 'let's do lunch'... but it doesn't mean that. "See you around" however is not a yes. It is more like 'talk to you later' or any other closing upon departure, that is not literal. "Sure why not' is sometimes used, but it's also not a yes.

From my perspective, if somone is really interested the answer would be of plain like" why not".
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