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I'm so mad at myself. I was posting on here on and off then I disapeared. I started talking texting my ex after she got in touch with me. It's a horrible relationship I know this in so many ways. We never met up just talking sometimes it can seem so normal. She confessed how she felt for me ect. That still caused emotions in me. Well yesterday she admitted to seeing someone else. Why even bother with me? Why does this even hurt so horrably. It's been over well over a year and it's like it's day 1. It seems so stupid to me to even be upset but I am.

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I'm sorry how you feel. However, this is why we do no contact, to protect ourselves from these situations. If I were to see my ex who I split from 10 months ago,, I would be the same as you. That's why she is blocked. I opened a typed letter with her name and burned it without even reading it.


You have learned a harsh lesson. From now on, ignore her, she is poison. Why would you drink poison when you know how bad it is for you? Why would you want to get back with a poisonous ex? Even one drop is bad, even a year later.


Block her on everything and anything. That alone will make you feel better, the drawbridge is up and the battlements are armed...... And get on with your life and meet someone who will love you.

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She thinks it's cool that you still want her. But that doesn't mean she wants you.


Sure, she likes the idea that you're pining over her and she'll say things to get you to continue to pine because it boosts her ego. But will she come back to you in a loving, committed relationship? Probably not.

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Thanks everyone I'm just so mad at myself. It was a horrible mind tearing relationship. There was finally a deal breaker about a year ago. I didn't ever budge on this issue. Unfortunately for me I had to move back in with my parents and get my life in order the way I wanted. During the past year I haven't looked for anyone else cause of my living situation. This has changed after alot of work. During this time me and the ex would talk here and there. This usually ended in me going NC. She keeps getting me when I'm low. We talk everything seems normal she throws stuff out there I think she cares. I know she doesnt. It's a stupid cycle. I know I'll never go back I haven't but it still hurts. It's just so evil.

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