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Need help any advised would be great


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I recently found out My wife of 7 years has been cheating on me. We have one beautiful 4 year old who is caught in the middle.. I am willing to try to work it out it just seems like at every corner there js something else a little back ground before we ever got engaged I had been talking to a girl nothing physical or emotional just talking a few weeks latter I proposed she found out about it and has gave me hell ever since blocked her or any other girl I may have had something in the past with from contacting .me ..at the end of December16 her and her dad where suppose to go out of town ..I get home from work she isn't there but her dad is wanting to her and our daughter I said she is suppose to be with you is she not he said naw not that I know of so I call her and jokingly mess with her a out being with another man she said no you know how dumb my daddy is ..we had been having problems me avoidung her me showing know affection nbc as soon as i open the door at home shes nag nag nag nag i would even tell her if you stop all the nagging everything else will come the love and affection part of it little more signs started to pop up but what put the icing on the cake was last Friday night we had a genuine hear to heart I was gonna be there more we were gonna work this out however Saturday night I went to my family's hunting cabin for the night so she decides to tell me she was staying with her sister no she went to OM house the next day she is texting me wanting me to come home how much she loves and misses me and we even have sex when I get home and I'm clueless the whole time I find out Tuesday what all really happened I confront her about it she admits it I get the way you treated me line no one knows what I was feeling which is basically saying it's my fault any ways I forgave her for it something still seemed odd she loves me she's not in love with me she has the other guy on her mind what if ...so I tell her take time and decide she chose me. But I feel like by default.. and today I asked her to block all forms of communications with him and she said why I'm not gonna talk to him . When I find out it happend I was crushed crying sad depressed and that's. Not me at all and she would just cold stare at me not one kind words no hug. No its gonna be alright nothing and she still has not asked me how I feel..I feel like I'm one putting in effort to make it work bending over backwards for her pushing away my hurt to the side so I can deal with her being mad at me for asking all these questions any advice would be helpful

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I think it's very mature and understanding of you to forgive her for what she did. It's also very understandable for you to feel depressed about it. My advice would be to sit with her and discuss why she cheated and how you can both move forward and try and fix your relationship. Maybe spending more time together talking would allow her to talk to you about problems without nagging. If she refuses to block this man then perhaps this is a sign that she is still cheating or considering cheating again.


I really hope things work out for you and your wife

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Do you think it was revenge sex? It sounds like the affair is only one of the symptoms of a bad marriage that's been unraveling for years. Have you considered marriage counseling or divorce?

I recently found out My wife of 7 years has been cheating on me. as i open the door at home shes nag nag nag nag. she went to OM house. I confront her about it she admits it. I get the way you treated me line. she loves me she's not in love with me she has the other guy.
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