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Don't know what she wants from me


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I had been dating that one girl 3 weeks ago. It lasted for only 3 dates but 3 great ones (had sex on the third one). But she chose to call it off because we ''didn't take time to know each other enough before dating and it's too late'' and because of the possibility I move for college next year.


She immediately texted me the day after wishing me a happy new year and that she is sorry. We had a little conversation by phone and she said to me that she still wants to have sex with me but no relationship.


So yesterday, 19 days later, we finally saw each other again but this time it was just for sex and it was great. But I have to say that maybe I still feel a little something for her. I'm not sure about it tho and I didn't want to screw it up so I said nothing and each time I said something nice like ''I'm happy you're here right now'' or ''I was looking forward to see you again'' she always looked kind of sad, not exactly sad but I have no better words to describe it. On the other hand, the way we were looking at each other sometimes was special. She even asked me to borrow one of my t-shirts so we could be sure to see each other again.


So here I am, lost. I texted her to ask if my t-shirt is comfortable. She said ''Yep'' and I stopped here because I don't really know what to say. I don't have a clue of what is going on. Someone can help please?

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It sounds like she is using you to fill some void or loneliness. You going off to college is a big deal. She may not want to fall in love and then you leave. I would ask her what's up or give her an ultimatum. If you want more you should communicate that with her. Don't let her drag you around and use you for sex if that's not what you want. She hears your sweet comments. Guys don't talk like that if they just want to be physical. As far as her breaking it off because you don't know each other is ridiculous. Sleeping together and dating is getting to know each other and develope a relationship. She knows you may be leaving, she needs a little companion ship while she's searching for a love.

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I have multiple options right now:

-Enjoying the ''f*ckbuddy'' relationship while it lasts, knowing that maybe I feel a little something for her

-Telling her how I feel and taking a risk of srewing everything and have nothing

-Getting sex out of it while searching someone new to love me for real

-Call it off and cut all contact with her


With the information I wrote in my first message what do you think would be the best option?

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