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Should I call to confirm?


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I went on a date whit this girl on a friday, the date went greath, the day after she txt me some random stuff we chitchat a bit and I took the chance and asked when she was free to go out again, she quickly answered with the days and we made a definate date for thursday 8pm, Thursday came and (acting out of fear) at noon i sent her a txt with the objective of reminde her of the upcoming date, she reply a bit and that was that.


About 2 hours prior to the date she txt me that she was jammed with some work stuff (I felt that it was some BS excuse since she had thursday and Friday off work). I assumed she just didn't wanted to see me anymore, but then she asked me if a was free next monday and if we could meet at her place after work at 10pm (she exits work at 9pm), her parents are leaving the town and she is supposed to be by herself (or so she says).


My questions is: is she flaking? The confirmation txt on thursday did any damage for her to back off? Should I confirm the date next monday or just show up at her place? How should I do it?

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Seems odd that for a second date, she wants you, a stranger to come over to her place late at night. And telling you that her parents are out of town and she's all by herself.


Either she's looking for casual hook up or she's up to no good (it's not only women who are at risk of stranger danger when it comes to online dating). I'd be very suspicious after her last story didn't match up (ie she must have told you she's not working on Thursday Friday, then changed the story).


I would stick to an outside date if you must go.

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