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Boyfriend sounds very down. Should I be worried?


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I have been with my long distance boyfriend since September. We first met when he was back in his home country where I am living now. He studies overseas. We were together first for 3 weeks, a month or so in between that away from each other and then together for a few months. His parents have met my parents and I know most of his family. Regardless of how long we have been together, we're quite serious. He left to go back to studying less than a week ago and every time we speak on the phone, which he never used to be like, he sounds very down. He admits that he misses me and saying good bye to each other was very hard, lots of tears. That his hall he is staying in is very quiet and a bit lonely. It's study time so most of his friends are studying. He usually plays rugby a couple of times a week, he has done it once since he's back however said yesterday he had the chance but did not feel like it. He is a very much a go getter, enthusiastic type so I am a bit concerned. He has dinner incredibly early as he claims there is nothing to do and sleeps at 7pm which he has been doing for the past few nights. Yesterday we spoke for two hours on the phone twice, in total four hours. When I mentioned that I had to sleep as it was getting late for me, he sounded even more down. I mentioned to him that he can always talk to me about how he is feeling.

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Is it winter in the country where he is studying? He may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Has he lived overseas before, or is this his first time away from his family?


Yes it's winter where he's studying however it was beforehand and it seemed like he was never like this before.

This is his first time away but he's been living overseas now for 2 years. He just doesn't seem his regular self, it could be because this was our longest time together this time. We're seeing each other in a month or so for a while so I keep trying to remind him of that. Once he's go back to his normal routine of going to classes, he may be better. I will keep an eye on it though.

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