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How am i supposed to behave


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So i was friends with this guy for a long time.

We were close. Then one day, he got drunk and made a move on me saying he wants fun and nothing more. When i said no, he said cmon it's just harmless fun. I said NO.


He stopped talking to me for months. And was rude when i tried.


So i stopped talking to him completely...

He kept trying to talk to me but I just avoided him. He apologised and stuff but the damage for me was done.


Only issue is we have mutual friends.

So i keep bumping into him. I'm not sure how to behave around him.I just smile and avoid him mostly but it gets awkward coz he subtly tries talking to me.

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He is not worth anything more than passing politeness. If he says hello, respond in kind since you have mutual friends, but you owe him nothing more than that. He tried to use you for shallow fun. He is not worth your time or energy. If he gets too forward with trying to talk to you, I would tell him exactly what I said above.

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I can sort of see both sides for this but either way it is an unfortunate situation.


He drunk or not came onto you and you turned him down. Maybe he knew what he was doing, maybe he didn't... but at that point it probably hit his pride and he didn't know how to talk to you for a while. You got fed up of him being rude and said enough is enough.


I think you did the right thing though. I'm not saying things can't be mended but I think they will always be awkward and you don't really need that. It's virtually identical to the awkwardness experienced when coworkers do things. All you can do is be polite in person and keep a distance if possible.

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He's a jerk. You already tried to be decent with him after he basically just wanted to use your body, and was rude when you did try talking to him again. I would keep on with what you're doing, being polite but for the most part, ignore him. He's not worth it and he doesn't deserve anything more.

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