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Is this going to be a problem?


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I met a woman that I just started to date, we finally became intimate. So several good points, she is into girls as well and is open to threesomes, she is also a squirter(I love that) and she loves to please me...but there is a problem.


We have only been intimate once, but she just could not cum. No matter how hard I tried, it just wasn't happening. I finally started giving oral and she told me that she liked it..after about 15 mins, she started squirting a lot..i loved it, again only one problem..


She told me after she was done that she only squirts and cums when getting oral. i find that to be kinda weird. I noticed that when I penetrated her, its like she was just there, but when I did oral, her body was shaking and moving all over the place.


So this maybe an ignorant question, and forgive me if it is, but do you think its because she likes women too? I asked her if she was into women more than men and she said no. All the other times that I have had women squirt, its been with penetration, why is this different?

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