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Should I go find her?


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10ish minutes ago I was messaging with my best friend about this girl.


Me, her ex boyfriend and her, we 3 were in same hospital. Two of them came 2 weeks before me and they kinda hook up in that time. After we went out, I distanced from both of them. They ended in relationship after I got out.. they went out 2 weeks after me. One night me and her were honestly talking about some things, and she said: "I should be with you, not him.". And I kinda freaked out, and didn't say anything. Problem is that I found him on facebook, not on porpouse, he kinda showed on my potencial friend list, and I do get random people on that list. They broke up a long time ago. I only can find him on FB, and her not. I only know her first name.


Anyway; should I text him just to get contact? Would it be wierd?


I usually don't ask this kind of questions, ... but, if I don't do it, I will probably ask myself for X years now: "What could it be?".


So.. write.

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I can't contact her directly. I didn't try on other social medias, I know only his last name, and her first. I had his cellphone number for some time, but I deleted it after hospital. I got him on Facebook just recently, and it was coicidence.


I don't look her on a love-way, I just wanna know how some people from my past are doin', and she is one of them. I would say to him: "Hey X., sorry for interupting, .. few days ago I was talking with my best friend about some things in hospital, and Y. came to my mind.. do you know how she's doin'? I would love to see her some times, so if she has FB, can I get it? I know this is wierd, but .. I just wanna know how she is.". Or something simular.

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