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Can't tell if it's love or not


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Basically I meet this guy and we fooled around for 7 months. We aren't serious or anything. I thought I really liked him but when I see him with other girls I feel so happy for him. It's like as long as he smiling and happy my day is automatically a great day.


I know his been in love with our friend since they were in middle school. I was friends with his love before him. She was the one who told me she only sees him like a brother. Also they were roommates. I feel like that's my reason why I didn't get so emotional invested into him. Was because I knew his feelings towards our friend and I'd see how he looks at her and I listen to his problems. He has told me though that I'm a very special person to him and that I've given him confedience, his self esteem back, realization how she been a bad friend to him.


I like everything about him. His humor, goofyness, smile, his unique laugh. But I remember in past relationships I at least got jealous a couple of times. Since I'm not getting jealous does that mean I don't care about him in a romancntic way or do I really love him?

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To me, it sounds like a leprechaun to me. Who else sees the leprechaun, say yea?




It sounds like it's not real. You may have feelings for him, but it's not being reciprocated. At this point you have a couple of options. You could express your feelings to him. Or back away if it hurts too much. (Which I'm assuming based on your post, this has to bother you in some way.)


Good luck.

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