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My ex boyfriend broke up with me 7 weeks ago and things are getting worse.


I'm having thoughts of texting him and begging for him back. Even after how horrible he has treated me after the break up.


Its been 3 week NC and i want to reach out. but i don't know why because i know he is moving on. De-tagging all photos of me and him, adding new girls on fb and Instagram. Having the time of his life this summer. He hasnt once tried to speak to me. He does not miss me at all. He is so over me.


I cant get my head around it. I feel completely to blame for this and want to get him back so badly!!!


What am i going to do? i feel so frustrated and helpless.

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I feel your struggle girl, but stay strong. It will pass. I'm a little over the 8 week mark on my breakup. I was the one dumped, and he chose to let me go. Two years down the drain, and I beat myself for a while over it because he made everything seem like it was my fault. It wasn't. He was unwilling to treat me the way somebody should be treated in any serious relationship. I had to sit back recently, and analyze the relationship for what it was, not what I wanted it to be or imagined it to be. I found so many things that I should have never had to put up with, and so many times that I was taken for granted. My advice to you is sit back, relax, and write out everything you disliked about the relationship. No matter how big or small. Everything. Then, write out everything you liked. Then be honest with yourself and re-think the things you liked. Ask yourself, were they always present until the end or did they change at some point? If they changed, then write when they changed. You'll probably be surprised to find that you most likely were not treated the way you should have been if this was the guy you were meant to be with...because if he was, he would have never left.


I know it's hard, believe me...I'm there. Our stories might not be the same, but we have the same feelings. It's not worth contacting, and not worth begging. You shouldn't have to beg somebody to put in the work and effort to treat you the way you should be treated. You deserve better than that. We both do. Keep your head up, and if you need to vent...post.

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Delete, unfollow, unfriend and block him from all social media and phone. It's natural to reminisce about the good times, but for now focus on the bad and let him be dead to you.


How long were you dating? What was the breakup about?

Even after how horrible he has treated me after the break up. De-tagging all photos of me and him, adding new girls on fb and Instagram. Having the time of his life this summer.
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Look at this like an addiction to a drug.

The cravings feel like they might be the death of you. But if you give into them you end up having to withdraw and start all over again.

Trust that in 7 weeks you have made some progress. Don't throw it out the window and then feel the regret for having contacted someone who

has moved on already.


I am sorry. It's hard. We've all been there and lived to talk about.


The urge is typical and it will pass. Call a friend. Go for a walk.

. .and then congratulate yourself that you didn't give into it.

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Noooooo try to resist the urge, if your life depended on it!


Keep yourself busy or call someone! Record your progress as day 1, day 2, day 3 so on so forth and before you know it, day 20 is here without the slightest thought of him! Do not do it. You can and you will.

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