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This past May, I finished up school. There was this girl in one of my classes who I had found very attractive for quite a while. I never felt that she had much of an attraction to me though. We'd talk casually every now and then, but it never moved on from there.

About 2 days after finishing school, I moved out of state. Since then, I haven't talked to a single one of my former classmates except for her. Almost every other day, either I call her or she calls me (We exchanged numbers a long time ago for a school project). This being after only talking maybe once a month.

I have no idea what to think or what I'm doing. Right now she's really the only person I can talk to, so if I blow it with her, I've got no friends I can trust.

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Enjoy it for the moment. Not to belittle you but at your age, things can blossom even from long-distance phone calls and emails so this could go somewhere if you play it right!


She clearly needs a friend at the moment too and you're there for her so good luck with this!


...and don't think that if you lose her you have no one. Friends come and go (anyone that's gone through lots of schools and universities can attest to that!)...


How far is out of state? Is there a chance of going there or inviting her over?

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